What is Technopark?

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What is Technopark?

Today, global competitiveness level of a country is directly proportional to that country's  capacity to produce 'new information' and its 'technological development'. University-Industry Collaboration Model which combines new information and technological application under the same roof is world wide model with proven affects in the technology based development of the countries. 

Etzkowitz's "Triple Helix Model"  that deals with the theoretical structure of university-industry-government cooperation, covers the University for generating knowledge through research, the Industry for transferring this knowledge into practice,  the state for providing the necessary support for the formation of fruitful collaboration platform. Technoparks brings together this trio collaboration under the same roof. 

Concepts like "Advanced Technology", "R & D", "innovation", "competition", "entrepreneurship" are the 21st century building blocks of production. Technoparks, which are one of the leading operations of knowledge based economy, have many definitions made by the following different names: 

According to Castells, technopaks are organizations that encourage innovation and  R&D based companies to be established and provide them high quality office area and support services. 

According to The United Kingdom Science Park Association (UKSPA), a technopark is an initiative which establishes official relations with a university or a higher education institution or a research center, designed to encourage technology based companies to start and grow within, providing technology and business skill transfers to the relevant companies effectively. 

According to the definition of The International Association of Science Parks ( IASP), a technopark is an initiative managed by expert professionals with a main purpose to support the innovation and competitiveness culture of the information based firms within to increase the wealth of the society. To provide those objectives, a technopark manages and encourages the information and technology flow between universities, companies and market; facilitates creation and growth of innovative companies; provides high quality venue and capabilities and offers value-added services. 

According to the Law No: 4691 on Technology Development Zones, a technopark hosts high tech using or based companies, enables them to benefit from a specified university or technology institute or R&D center to develop their technology and/or software and convert their technological findings into a commercial product, method or service. They contribute to the development of the area and located inside of nearby of the collaborating university, technology institute or R&D center, integrating academic, economic and social structures. 

Technology Development Zones are named differently in different countries as follows: 

Technology Park/Teknopark,Teknopolis/Teknopol, Science Park, Research Park, Technology Development Zone, Technology Development Center, Technology Corridor, Innovation Center 

In our country Technology Development Zone is used in the Law 4691 but the short form "technopark" is in more widespread use by the related parties of the topic. 


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