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ITU MAGNET provides services and synergy environment to help late-stage entrepreneurs and start-ups who managed to turn their ideas into products grow.



Founded by ITU ARI Teknokent in 2017 on 2000 m2 area to serve up to 76 scale up, ITU MAGNET provides services 24/7, containing a prototyping lab, a common-use event stage (Magnetic Field), a total number of 10 seminar halls and meeting rooms, a self-service unmanned shop and a 4-season garden.


ITU MAGNET is positioned as...

·         A hub for venture firms that already received initial investment, generate similar resources with their revenue, or need VC-level investments to be in the phase of growth or for further growth, within entrepreneurial ecosystem in Turkey,

·         A hub where corporate firms associate with select entrepreneurs to develop collaboration and manage their own start-up programs,

·         The first “Late-Stage Entrepreneurship Center” in Turkey with an aim to be the “soft-landing” hub for foreign start-ups that want to grow in Istanbul.


ITU MAGNET appeals to 3 different target groups:


 1. Start-ups that have:

·         a finished technological product and at least one customer who bought this product

·         an income model, target audience and strategies on sales channel, even if on product development phase

·         scalability, or are ready to improve themselves on multiple-customer acquisition and growth


2. Entrepreneurs that:

·         work on a tech-oriented entrepreneurship project

·         are not incorporated yet, but on the way to become a corporation

·         can put their product on the market in no time


3. Participants: Individuals, groups and companies with expertise in

·         Investment,

·         Risk capital,

·         Angel investor networks,

·         Special acceleration and incubation programs,

·         Software, design and law

may participate in ITU MAGNET, the center of attraction for entrepreneurship.



ITU MAGNET is the “center of attraction for entrepreneurship ecosystem” bringing experts and investors that start-ups and entrepreneurs need under the same hub, associating members of the ecosystem with each other, enabling collaboration with synergy and contributing to development of new technologies from Turkey to the world.


ITU MAGNET is more than a physical shared working platform, holding a unique position at the heart of business world and technology companies in Teknokent, and providing a fund of knowledge lab opportunities, a comfortable working environment and various other innovative services thanks to ITU’s deep-rooted history.


In addition to this, ITU MAGNET aims to create a collaborative and growth-oriented culture for entrepreneurs and start-ups that grow and continue to grow in partnership with 212 VCs, 500 Start-ups, ACT and Revo, and other consultancy companies to join in the near future.


Ecosystem's Center of Attraction, ITU MAGNET: