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Center of Science: Istanbul Technical University (ITU)


Located in a technical university, ITU ARI Teknokent makes the ecosystem an even more attractive environment for start-ups that want to develop and grow business in technology and science.


Founded as the Imperial School of Naval Engineering in 1773 during reign of Mustafa III, Istanbul Technical University has been a university that defines engineering and architecture, keeps this definition up to date, and meets modern world standards with technological research and scientific studies while preserving the traditionality.


Various international studies that list ITU among top 100 and top 500 universities based on amount of research, alumni employment rate, international appearance, education level and international accreditation made ITU a leading international player.


Istanbul Technical University has more than 2000 personnel in 13 faculties, 6 institutes, 2 higher schools, 2 departments, 1 conservatory and 1 Further Research Center of Music providing matchless academic support to industrial projects of the ITU ARI Teknokent start-ups thanks to the advanced infrastructure and superstructure opportunities.


R&D projects developed in partnership with ITU are shown to be international, competitive and industry- and academy-oriented projects.


Strategic Position: Istanbul


  • Featuring as the economy center of Turkey every era, Istanbul holds around 28 percent of total GNP.
  • Istanbul’s contribution to the state budget is annually 40 percent, while receiving 7-8 percent of state spendings.
  • General directorates of private banks and 21 percent of bank branches are located in Istanbul.
  • 27 percent of added value created in the trade industry around Turkey belong to Istanbul. Istanbul stands for the most export and import hub in Turkey.
  • Istanbul covers for 46 percent of total national export and 40 percent of total national import.
  • Istanbul is an attraction center for tourists and congress tourism.
  • Thanks to its geographical position, 4 hours of work in Istanbul overlaps with Asian countries and 6 hours of work coincides with European countries, making Istanbul a natural financial hub.
  • Around 35 percent of money on deposits are collected in Istanbul and 33 percent of loans are used in Istanbul.


Cooperation Environment for Advanced Technologies and Clustering


Thanks to the synergy provided to R&D companies, ITU ARI Teknokent allows cooperation, clustering in the same environment, exchange of opportunities, competition when required and monitoring technological developments in the area of interest.


Life in Teknokent

Offices are open for 24/7, protected with CCTV, card entrance and biometric reader systems.


ITU ARI Teknokent companies may benefit from common meeting, training and conference halls with reservation.


Workplace doctors provide Common Health Unit services to companies that demand.


Shuttle services are provided on more than 30 different routes. Moreover, overtime shuttles are available at 20:30 from Teknokent buildings to certain destinations in the city center.


  • ITU Laboratory and Research Centers


In order to lead ITU ARI Teknokent companies to the services they need, ITULABS (ITU Laboratory Infrastructure Information System) provides services in association with the ITU Rectorship.

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  • ITU Continuous Training Center (ITU SEM)


ITU SEM has been training programs besides formal bachelor’s and master’s degree since 1997.

These programs include Skill Acquisition Programs, Computer-Information Programs, Language Training Programs, Culture and Art Programs and Sports Training Programs.

Thanks to the video-conference room located at the center, distance education and various certificate programs can be provided.

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  • ITU Information Technologies Department Training Programs


Cisco Network Academy: Cisco Network Academy Program is a worldwide extensive training program to meet the need to qualified labor force increasing day by day at the fields of information technologies and computer network installation/operation. ITU is one of the first universities to provide training on this field, and the first university in Istanbul.

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  • ITU Central Library

ITU Central Library is affiliated to the ITU Department of Library and Documentation, having branches i.e. “Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Ratip Berker Library”, “Faculty of Maritime Studies Library”, “Faculty of Architecture Library”, “School of Foreigh Languages Library”, “Faculty of Business Administration Library”, “Further Research Center of Music Library”.


ITU ARI Teknokent companies may subscribe to ITU Library as corporate subscribers. ITU ARI Teknokent companies subscribed to ITU Library can borrow books and access to digital publishing (full text databases containing periodicals or books, index and summary databases, audiovisual materials, computer files) pursuant to the library rules.

*Subscription is required to enjoy the library.

For more information: http://service.library.itu.edu.tr/misafir-kayit

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  •  Accommodation

ITU Foundation Social Facilities Guesthouse at Maçka Campus provides services to ITU alumni, ITU personnel, ITU ARI Teknokent personnel and external guests.

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  • Sports Opportunities

Sports Services are provided by the ITU Department of Physical Education and Sports Association. Such services generally include ITU Sports Center, tennis subscription and tennis court, and indoor Olympic swimming pool. Following services are provided within the ITU Sports Center:

  • Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool
  • Indoor Sports Center (Basketball-Volleyball)
  • Tennis Courts
  • Outdoor Synthetic Pitch Football Field
  • Stadium (Olympic)

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  • Food

ITU ARI Teknokent start-ups can benefit from food services in ITU ARI Teknokent Buildings and ITU Campus. Thanks to the location of Ayaza?a Campus, personnel of the start-ups operating in Ayaza?a may access to the shopping mall near the campus and various places to eat in Maslak.