Brighter Together

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Brighter Together

“ITU ARI Teknokent at the center of technology, innovation, R&D and entrepreneurship”


ITU ARI Teknokent aims to be a global technology development area by...


  • providing proper environment and opportunities to enable technology companies and entrepreneurs develop and commercialize technologies,
  • contributing technological development in Turkey and the success of generating entrepreneurial ideas, and
  • using ITU’s academic power to accomplish innovations rather than follow. 


ITU ARI Teknokent believes in “planting culture” and “value adding” through its activities and the programs developed. ITU ARI Teknokent focuses on improving its brands ITU Çekirdek, Big Bang, ITU Magnet, Innogate, Beetech and supports and values brands of its shareholders to lead them to a brighter future.


In order to leverage technology production in Turkey, ITU ARI Teknokent aims to:


  • be a hub for R&D and innovation activities in Turkey, particularly Istanbul, and
  • support, improve and steer the synergy arising from ITU’s academic knowledge and R&D companies.


As part of these aims, academicians are encouraged into working with the Teknopark companies thanks to the ITU’s infrastructure and knowledge for a versatile, effective and sustainable academy-industry cooperation.


Various successful projects have been executed at the ITU ARI Teknokent in Istanbul, the global center for commerce, since the foundation.


Active in ITU Ayazağa Campus, ITU ARI Teknokent has been founded on an area of 1,655,000 m2 with 10 buildings with more than 300 technology companies built. It employs more than 8,800 R&D personnel and has completed more than 3,600 successful R&D projects, with a total of 40 billion TL R&D income with its companies; It has realized a total export of 1 billion dollars.


In ITU ARI Teknokent where building a performance-based system and providing assessment and evaluation are inseparable from development itself a “Start-up Performance Evaluation System” has been established with categories including “National Contribution”, “R&D Turnover” and “R&D Export” to improve the success bar of the companies in the region.


In line with the performance objectives that will be refined and redefined every year, ITU ARI Teknokent expects companies under its roof to quadruple their R&D income through engineering new technologies by 2023.


  • ITU ARI Teknokent carries out various programs for companies and entrepreneurs under its roof to achive its objectives, including:
  • ITU Seed, the Early-stage Incubation Center for entrepreneurs that want to turn their ideas into commercializable products or services
  • ITU Magnet, the Late-stage Entrepreneurship Center for entrepreneurs and start-ups that succeeded in turning their ideas into products,
  • Innogate, the International Entrepreneurship Accelaration Program for companies that are to introduce their products to the global market,
  • ITUNOVA TTO, the technology transfer interface of ITU that aims for commercialization and protection of the academic data and providing multi-purpose support to help them succeed.


ITU ARI Teknokent goes on working to be a techno-park that establishes ecosystems and creates value.