Benefits for Academicians / Students

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Benefits for Academicians / Students

Benefits for Academicians


As part of TDA regulation, ITU faculties may...


  • establish a company at ITU ARI Teknokent,
  • be a partner to an already established company, and
  • take a management role at an established company to commercialize results of their present/future research results with prior consent of the University Board of Directors.


ITU ARI Teknokent develops special incentive models to allow ITU faculties realize their innovative ideas. In this respect, the Academic Incubation Center founded within ITU ARI Teknokent focuses on establishment of R&D companies by faculties and provides supports required by the companies during first years of their entrepreneurship. New companies established by the faculties are provided “incubation services” incl. sharing rental fees and many other costs.


50% rental fee discount is yet another incentive for new companies established in ITU ARI Teknokent (limited to 30 m2 and 2 years). This discount is applicable for every building within the ITU ARI Teknokent TDA.


Faculties from universities except Istanbul Technical University who want to establish a company at ITU ARI Teknokent will be provided a 20% rentall fee discount, limited to 30 m2 and 2 years.


Benefits for Students


ITU ARI Teknokent provides ITU students with an international environment that presents theory and practice at the same time. Every domestic and foreign company located at ITU ARI Teknokent is an opportunity for internship or employment for ITU students, right in their campus.


Especially engineering students get the chance to practice at ITU ARI Teknokent through internship programs or half-/full-time working opportunities.


Opportunity to attend seminars, trainings and conferences at ITU ARI Teknokent enable students for knowledge acquisition, and meet with Turkish and foreign leaders of risk capital, law and management consultancy companies in contact with Teknokent and/or technology companies in Teknokent.


Guiding students through the future is one of the objectives of ITU ARI Teknokent, while giving them the opportunity to establish technology-producing young, dynamic and entrepreneurial start-ups of Turkey. For this purpose, entrepreneurial R&D companies established by students are also accepted to the Academic Incubation Center. No application fees are demanded from student applicants. ITU ARI Teknokent may delay rental payments for a period of time depending on success rate and the amount needed to be done by student companies, ITU students in particular; then a rental discount becomes possible.


Moreover, the ITU ARI Teknokent Management shares corporate knowledge with ITU students on entrepreneurship, incorporation, TDA activities, project collaboration and partnership through conferences, workshops, meetings and briefing seminars, and provides consultancy for realization of ideas and projects of students.