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Greenway CSP’s vision to create a clean and sustainable World to the next generation. Greenway will offer the world a low-cost, clean, durable and dependable renewable energy by its practical, affordable and flexibile system for steam usage. All types of hybrid configurations make Greenway CSP a leader in the energy market.

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“İTÜ ARI Teknokent bünyesindeki 276 Ar-Ge firması ve toplamda 7.000 personel ile faaliyetlerini sürdürmektedir.”


A skilled team of engineers, led by Serdar E.Erturan, design and develop integrated hardware and software systems for the mass production of high efficiency Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Tower Plants.

Greenway’s vision is to promote and increase solar energy usage worldwide by reducing construction and operating costs to a minimum through developing and providing zero pollution, minimum maintenance solar concentrating energy systems.

Greenway’s engineering team has pioneered to introduce high efficiency CSP Tower system from Turkey with a groundbreaking technology. Greenway’s technology can provide the much needed bridge between reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing affordable green energy. Greenway also offers hybrid solutions that would be a viable option for conventional facilities using carbon based energy systems. Greenway hybrid solutions recycle bi-products generated as a result of energy conversion to distill sea water. Greenway hybrid solutions are adjustable to different needs and improve customer return on investment. 

The innovative Concentrated Solar Power Tower systems that Greenway provides are to become one of the world’s most efficient devices for the conversion of solar energy.

Our Concentrated Solar Power Tower system can be used either in grid-connected electricity supply in power parks up to hundreds of megawatts or in decentralized and off-grid hybrid power generation at high efficiency levels.

Our pilot plant of 5 MWth in Mersin Turkey is now fully operational for our ongoing research, development and production activities.