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Connecting Spaces with People

Boni Global HAKKINDA
Boni Global
ITU ARI-2 Teknokent A-Blok No:1 Sariyer, 34467, Istanbul
“İTÜ ARI Teknokent bünyesindeki 276 Ar-Ge firması ve toplamda 7.000 personel ile faaliyetlerini sürdürmektedir.”

About us

Boni is a global company developing high-tech products, established in 2011. Its headquarter is in Istanbul, and has three more offices in Chicago, Berlin and London. Boni Global, specializing in the field of Prop-Tech, has 3 different patents for the technology it developed regarding indoor location and interaction. Boni Global, has taken the mission of making physical spaces accessible for everyone using assistive technologies and developed a navigation application for visually and hearing impaired people. The application which helps locating, venue discovery and navigation through voice guidance makes life easier for more than 30,000 visually and hearing impaired people in 8 different countries and 20 cities, in many complex venues like college campuses, shopping malls, etc. Boni Global has collaborations with key global NGOs and brands.