Why Useful?

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Why Useful?

Other than the tax exemptions and insurance premium support offered to the companies operating in the Technoparks as per the Law 4691 on  "Technology Development Zones", The primary and main target of ITU ARI Teknokent is to provide all the necessary physical and social capabilities for the companies within to help them execute R&D operations in the most efficient way. 



With the synergy environment offered in ITU ARI Teknokent, R&D companies can work together, clustered companies in the same environment can share opportunity and possibilities, compete when necessary and monitor closely the developments in the field of technology of their choice. 



All companies operating in ITU ARI Teknokent are also each other's neighbors. As a natural consequence of this logistical proximity inter company collaborations can easily develop. For example, companies operating in ITU ARI Teknokent go to biddings together, establish a variety of partnerships and become each other's sub-contractor 



Small, medium and big scale companies operating in ITU ARI Teknokent can create clusters in the fields of software, automotive, telecoms and electronic goods and share the interactive environments of Teknokent to develop joint skills and advance more rapidly. 



As ITU ARI Teknokent is located inside a university, a technical university nonetheless and that makes the ecosystem all the more appealing for entrepreneurial companies to develop their business and grow. Under the roof of ITU ARI Teknokent, companies have benefits of a Technopark and a technical university when developing their R&D studies and additionally, even at the beginning of it all, having a support of a university is raising the success rate of those companies. 



ITU ARI Teknokent companies can benefits from the consultancy services offered by ITU ARI Teknokent Management and/or expert person/institute in the relevant fields. Additionally, ITU ARI Teknokent companies can be located in the center of the information flow due to the strong national and international placement of ITU and ITU ARI Teknokent and benefit from the partnership possibilities. Many meetings, conferences and workshops organized in ITU or ITU ARI Teknokent are offered to the entrepreneurial companies to develop themselves. 

Because of all these reasons, ITU ARI Teknokent is the place that many local and international guests, delegations and high level government/private sector managers, organizations that seek collaboration visit first.