İTÜ ARI Teknokent / Facilities / Location

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Strategic location of Istanbul has made it an important center of the land and sea trade in every period of history.


Istanbul is a point of hub for sea, road and rail network, so she offers many diverse and  advantageous options in terms of transportation. 


46 universities, 6 state and 14 private universities are located within the limits of Istanbul.


46% of total exports of Turkey and 40% of total imports of Turkey is made from Istanbul. Istanbul's share on GNP is around 23%.


35% of money deposits in Turkey is collected in Istanbul and 33% of the credits are used in Istanbul.


All the headquarters of the private banks and 21% of the total bank branches in Turkey are located in Istanbul.


Almost every insurance company headquarters is in Istanbul. 


Stock Exchange, bearing the status of Free Zone, is also centered in Istanbul and is increasing rapidly among the world's leading stock exchanges. 


For more information about Istanbul visit www.ibb.gov.tr.