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The most important advantage of operating in the ITU ARI Teknokent is to be able to benefit from more than 241 years of experience and technical infrastructure of Istanbul Technical University.


Companies operating in  ITU ARI Teknokent  can easily benefit from the consultancy services offered by the ITU academicians and thanks to the legal regulations they can access scientific and technological knowledge with a greater price difference compared to the other companies. 


Istanbul Technical University was founded in 1773 under the name of  Mühendishane-i Bahr-i Hümayun by Moustapha III and it has always been a university that can define engineering architecture and keep those definitions up-to-date at all times, catching the world standards in its technology researches and scientific studies while preserving its traditional structure.


ITU has been listed in top 100 and top 500 universities by many international surveys which are done by based on criteria like research levels, employment ratio of its graduates, international outlook and education level.


The quality of education in ITU has been documented with the accreditation given by ABET, an independent institution.


ITU is the only university in the world which has 23 accredited engineering programs.


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ITU is placed in the center of the information flow with its own academic staff, with its collaborations with industry and its active role in the international university network. In this frame, following information flow services are offered:


Organizing meetings, conferences and workshops in various technical topics open to the companies of İTÜ ARI Teknokent,

Informing ITU ARU Teknokent companies about the international projects by collaborating with international universities and other technoparks and enabling the necessary information flow for them to take part in those projects,

Offering large databases, libraries and electronic information flow for the companies to use about technological topics, 

Creating organizational mechanisms and social environments which will enable information flow between academic staff and the companies.


ITU, having one of the best IT infrastructures in Turkey can offer unlimited services to all of its departments thanks to the fiber optic connections between ITU campuses. It is a great privilege of ITU Information Systems to have the library operating system and subscription to the scientific data bases and almost 3000 periodic publication portfolio.


ITU has more than 28.000 students of which 7,968 are graduate and 20.267 undergraduate students, 2200 thousand academic staff, each one is an expert in his/her field, a total of 30.000 people army of research.


Academic Departments

Istanbul Technical University is a unique source that offers academic support to the entrepreneurial companies of ITU ARI Teknokent with its 13 faculties, 6 Institutes, 2 colleges, 2 departments, 1 conservatory and one Advanced Music Research Center, more than 2000 personnel and advance infra and superstructure capabilities.


R&D projects developed with the collaboration of ITU are observed to have both academic and industrial point of views and they are international-scale projects with a competitive edge.


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