Advantages for Academics

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Advantages for Academics

Advantages for Academics


As per the legislation brough by Law No 4691 on Technology Development Zone, ITU Academic staff, upon taking permission from the University Board, can do the following to make the results of their studies commercialized,

  • They can set up a company in ITU ARI Teknokent, 
  • They can become partnest of an existing company,
  • They can work in the management of an existing company.  

ITU ARI Teknokent is developing special incentive models for carrying out the innovative ideas of the ITU academic staff. In this context, Academic Incubation Center founded in ITU ARI Teknokent, is the place that focuses on establishing new R&D companies by the academic staff and providing those new companies the required funds especially in their first entrepreneurial years. Here, an incubation service is offered to the newly established companies by the acdemic staff by sharing rent and many common expenses.

Another incentive model special to ITU ARI Teknokent is the offered 50% rent discount (limited to 30m2 and 2 years) to the companies founded by academic staff. This rent discount is valid in all the buildings covered by ITU ARI Teknokent Technology Development Zone.

Similar to the opportunities offered to the ITU Academic Staff, other university academic staff , when they want to set up a company in ITU ARI Teknokent, are offered 20% rent discount limited to 30m2 and 2 years.


Advantages for Students


ITU ARI Teknokent provides ITU students an environment that combines theory and application. For ITU students, every local or international company operating in ITU ARI Teknokent is a place that offers internship or employment opportunity. 

Especially, the practical experience required by the engineering students can be gained by internship and/or full/half time employment opportunities at the ITU ARI Teknokent companies. 

The opportunity to participate in the seminars, trainings and conferences organized withing ITU ARI Teknokent offers the students not only an opportunity to learn bu at also to meet and exchange information with the technology companies and the Turkish or foreign leaders of the law, management and management consultancy companies that work closely with Teknokent companies. 

One of the goals of ITU ARI Teknokent is to enable the youth to steer their own their future and prepare them to set up technology producing, dynamic and entrepreneurial companies with the experience and know-how they have. In line with this goal, Academic Incubation Center also accepts the R&D based companies established by the university students. Students, when applied to this Center, do not pay application fee, a rent deferral possibility for a defined period depending on the success rate and the required funding of the their company can be offered, later a rent discount can also apply. 

Additionally, ITU ARI teknokent Management shares information with the students on entrepreneurship, setting up a company, technology development zone operations, project collaborations, partnerships by both sharing its own organizational know-how and organizing conferences, workshops, meetings and informative seminars.