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Targeted Activities

To create, develop and continue  the ecosystem within ITU ARI Teknokent, activities maintained are grouped under the following headings: 

• To provide ITU's knowledge and research infrastructure for the use of Teknokent companies, enable the transfer of academic knowledge towards industry,

• To enable new collaborations by moving the industrial development into a university environment,

• To support new company set ups for direct transfer of academic projects into industry or provide technology transfer services to transfer projects into industry,

• To provide support for newly established companies during their long and effort-intensive R&D periods by offering "pre-incubation", " Acceleration" and "Incubation" services,

• To contribute to the development of the companies by offering requirement based training/seminar or consultancy services,

• To provide all infra and superstructure capabilities required by R&D projects,

• To create social facilities in order to provide aen efficient workplace for all the personnel emploted in the region,

• To enable companies to be able to benefit from the exemptions brough by the Law on Technology Development Zones and make the necessary reporting to the authorized official departments,

• To provide opportunities for hiring academics, students and qualified R&D personnel,

• To lead the creation of synergy between all stakeholders and in the international area,

• To create social awareness about Technology Development Zones, R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship  fields,

• To support and help become commercialized for the innovative technology based projects with the special programs.