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Performance-Oriented Target

With the approach of " The success of Technoparks is as much as the added value created by the companies in its ecosystem", ITU ARI Teknokent is closing the age of square meters and exemptions era and moved to the second phase where the added value is calculated. In ITU ARI Teknokent, now the age to calculate the ratio of exemptions over R&D revenue, R&D revenue per personnel, increasing R&D export and rising charts every year is starting. 

To continue to be on the lead in technological development, ITU ARI Teknokent, expects from all its firms using its ecosystem synergy, infrastructure capabilities, government and university fundings to raise their performance by at least 10% every year and within 10 years, Teknokent expects them to provide a technological development ratio which is 12 times more than the exemptions the firms realized. 

ITU ARI Teknokent aims to raise the success level of the companies in its region with "Entrepreneurial Firm Performance Evaluation System", in line with the performance objectives re-defined every year, it expects from companies in its region to increase their R&D revenues 4 times more that their current levels by 2023 with the new technologies they develop. 

In the performance calculation system, on the basis of the main categories, "National Contribution" constitutes the most weighted category with 48 points. With the 25% affect of "R&D Revenue" and "R&D Export" over the total score, the point contribution of this category is listed as the highest criteria. ITU ARI Teknokent Management evaluates the performance criteria results by comparing the companies of the same scale. 

In the "new era", a system based on performance and offering measurement/evaluation services are considered as part of the development of ITU ARI Teknokent, it is aimed to take both ITU ARI Teknokent Management and all of the entrepreneurial firms to a much higher ground from where they are now.