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The first step that started ITU ARI Teknokent initiative was the opening of the ITU-KOSGEB TEKMER (Incubation Center) with the collaboration of Istanbul Technical University and KOSGEB in 1992. University-industry collaboration started with ITU-KOSGEB TEKMER enabled many technology based entrepreneurial companies to benefit form the academic infrastructure provided by ITU and the funding mechanisms of KOSGEB and found success in the commercial life. 

Today, th Incubation Center still continues to work with the efforts of ITU and KOSGEB has been the success factor that inspired the establishment of a Tecknopark in ITU in 1996. Attempts to set up a technopark and feasibility studies for this purpose shaped the laboratory and research center investments realized in ITU in those years; the academic infrastructure of the respective faculties and departments have provided configurations with long-term predictions. 

In year 2001, with the Law No 4691 on Technology Development Zones came into force, thus another step toward technopark initiation was taken. This law brought a lot of tax exemptions and directed academic to work with the technopark companies and led to a new are on behalf of Turkey for university-industry collaboration. 

As a result of the feasibility study, ITU ARI Teknokent would be implemented in 2 phases, the first phase was located in an area of 1.850.000 m2 area inside Ayazağa Campus and second phase was located in an are of 106.000 m2 area in Florya land. The studies to declare ITU Ayazağa and ITU Florya Campuses as Technology Development Zones and the registration of the managing company ARI Teknokent Proje Geliştirme Planlama A.Ş were completed in 2002.

Located in ITU Ayazağa Campus ITU ARI Teknokent's ARI1 building was opened to the service of the entrepreneurial companies in September 2003, ARI2 Building in August 2005.  While the construction works were continuing for ARI3 building, ARI4 Building was put in service in 2010. ARI3 Building with 54.000 m2 area and many new physical and functional facilities offered to the companies was taken into service in November 2012. Lastly, ARI6 Building (Energy Technopark) became operational as of January 2014. 

As of today, ITU ARI Teknokent offers services and support under the law for the companies located in the area declared as Technology Development Zone with its "Institute of Science and Technology", "Motor Vehicle Center", "Mechatronics Research and Education Center" and "ITU-KOSGEB TEKMER" buildings. However companies operating in these centers must meet on the common ground of the activity topic of the building.