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INNOGATE provides products to readily-standing companies through a versatile program including access to international connections, getting into market, business modeling and strategy development opportunities together with training, mentorship and counseling benefits. 


ITU ARI Teknokent has designed INNOGATE program for pioneering companies planning to get into the USA market to enable global competitiveness and strengthen R&D- and innovation-driven technological infrastructure of Turkey.


Organized for the 4th time, the program allows accessing to hardly accessible services much below their cost through well-tested and convenient methods.


INNOGATE program is a 360-degree “International Entrepreneurship Acceleration” program including:

·         a training process where participating start-ups receive a comprehensive training on dynamics of the USA market,

·         company-tailored mentorship services that cover related training subjects with various qualified consultants and trainers from USA and Turkey,

·         provision of required training and mentorship, then continuing to support the initiative in USA,

·         using offices at leading startup centers the Galvanize in Chicago and 1871 in San Francisco during the program, and networking events to bring alumni and alumni-to-be together.




INNOGATE program takes four periods:


1.         Training Period in Turkey-1 and Mentorships 

Select companies start on a 5-week applied “Entrance into Market Planning” training for developed for 4 years specifically for the USA market. Training comprises...

·         product-market compatibility,

·         strategy and competition analysis,

·         business model development,

·         sales process modeling,

·         customer experience design,

·         financial planning,

·         company valuation, and

·         investor presentation

These companies will receive 5-day training in 5 weeks and 55 hours of mentorship from expert consultants covering all of the subjects during the training process.

8 companies selected after “Demo Day Turkey” will attend the USA side of the process.


2.         Training Period in Turkey-2 and Networking

This period consists of pre-USA planning and arrangement of any related customer and/or investor appointments. “LinkedIn for Business Networking (online)” online training, and “Strategic Selling” and “Value Branding” workshops will be held.

Moreover, trainers organizing the workshops will be available for company-specific mentorship.

Exchange of ideas and experience between INNOGATE alumni on this process and other processes will be possible.


3.         USA Period 1: Growth Partner Meetings

2 weeks - İTÜ ARI Teknokent Office, San Francisco

2 weeks - İTÜ ARI Teknokent Office, Chicago 


ITU ARI Teknokent Galvanize Office, San Francisco and 1871 Office, Chicago will be available for use during the USA period.


Throughout one month, pre-arranged appointments, and “Growth Partner” meetings that will allow companies enter the USA market easier, will be done.


As a result of the developments based on past experiences, INNOGATE program has switched to a new model for the USA period.


This model ensures the companies are matched with experts suitable for themselves on fields such as sales, marketing, growth hacking and IPR, and are provided access to proper resources, accelerate entrance to the market and any kind of support on any necessary subject.


For this purpose, a team of personnel, mentors and trainers in Turkey will spend one month in USA with the companies to carry out the interviews and meetings.


4.         USA Period 2: Growth

5 months


INNOGATE consultants in San Francisco and Chicago offices will provide 6-month administrative consultancy to the companies that cooperate with Growth Partners and show any positive development on entrance to the USA market during the USA period.


This will include mentorship services, consultancy on incorporation in USA and networking services.


INNOGATE will also provide the companies with PR & media management services. The companies will be promoted through professional photo shoots, social media, newspapers and magazines, and live broadcast from the USA office.


Governing language of the procedures from application to the end will be English.



Training, consultancy and mentorship services have been given to 80 companies in Istanbul and 36 companies in USA since INNOGATE International Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program started 4 years ago.



Final Version (4th Version) Figures of the INNOGATE Companies During the USA Period:



INNOGATE continues working for tech companies that aim growth in global arena.


For more information on the 4th INNOGATE Program: